Karen Bentley

Originally completing a Bachelor of Science Honours degree at the Australian National University, where she majored in Zoology, Karen joined the Australian Public Service in 1990.

As a graduate she worked in the Department of Social Security and spent a number of years costing new policy proposals for the Department’s then network of 20,000 staff. Over the years she worked in five Commonwealth departments, including the Department of Finance and Administration, Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Department of Health and Ageing. She was promoted to the Senior Executive Service in 1999 as a deputy head of the Office for Women, where she managed the $50m Partnerships Against Domestic Violence program.

In 2003 she set up her own consulting business, capitalising on her wide experience across a number of policy areas in the health and community services sectors as well as her well developed financial and administration skills.

Today she works both as an individual consultant, primarily assisting non-government organisations with their business management, and on projects with her partner John Clark, a freelance writer

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